Kiddo Marketing Sdn Bhd is the pioneer of kids’ ride-on toy cars distribution to shopping malls, events, wholesalers and retailers. With the aim of maximizing fun for every child, our flagship brand, Kiddos Ride allows children to experience the excitement of driving the toy cars within our specially designated play area anchored in various leading malls in Malaysia and Singapore.

Founded in 2009, we kick-started our business with 2 outlets which eventually multiplied to 25 outlets within 3 years of operation. We have grew ever since and still consistently growing in various aspects of our business from distributing ride-on toy cars to creating our very own ride-on robot, iRingBo, Kiddos Train, Okiddos, and JuzKiddos.

Throughout 10 years of experience in the industry, we constantly hold on to the belief that we could serve our customers better. Today, utilizing the knowledge we possess and the right network, we have blossomed to be a company that dedicate ourselves in supplying a variety of problem-solving services for the convenience of our customers such as the Kids’ Entertainment Events, Operation Team Supply & Training, Marketing Services, Kids’ Entertainment Project Set Up and lastly, Equipment Supply and Maintenance . We are also associated to our partner from China which provided us with a platform for expansion towards supplying and installation of amusement rides locally or internationally.

Our products and services can be customized to our customers’ hearts’ content. We are extremely passionate in bringing joy to people of all-ages through our products and services. There is something fun for everyone with Kiddo Marketing, come and create more excitement with us, Always Fun with Kiddos.


The most creative and service oriented Kids Entertainment company in Malaysia.


As we believe in the importance of free playing during childhood and its benefits to a child’s development, we serve to:

  1. Positively impact every child by creating the most memorable experiences for them to reminisce with time.
  2. Provide parents with an ideal platform to fully engage with their children.
  3. Innovate, create and supply the latest children friendly rides or entertainment equipment and quality services for the convenience of our customers.

Company Core Values

  1. Integrity –Act of being honest and consistent adherence to moral principles
  2. Determination to deliver – Quality of being consistent in providing the products or services within a given time frame
  3. Commitment to quality –  Quality of being devoted to provide top notch products or services to the customers